$600K Settlement Obtained Against a Southern California Nursing Home for Elder Abuse

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorney Stephen M. Garcia secured a $600,000 settlement for its elderly client C.W. who suffered preventable falls resulting in severe injuries due to the reckless neglect of a Southern California nursing home.

C.W. was admitted to the facility because she had recently suffered from a stroke causing right side paralysis and was unable to swallow or speak. In December 2018, C.W. fell out of bed and was transferred to a hospital for evaluation where she was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder. The following March, C.W.’s daughter noticed her hand was swollen and brought the injury to the staff’s attention. C.W. was seen by a physician and diagnosed with a fractured wrist and required to wear a cast. A few months later, C.W. was once again transferred to the hospital and diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. She also suffered numerous urinary tract infections during her residency at the facility.

Upon C.W.’s admission to the facility, staff were well aware she was a high risk for falls, and therefore, required special care and assistance. However, the facility knowingly disregarded this risk and failed to implement an adequate plan of care to prevent C.W. from suffering further falls and injuries.

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