$1.55 Million Settlement Obtained in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against California Nursing Facility

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorney Stephen M. Garcia obtained a $1.55 million settlement in an elder abuse and wrongful death lawsuit against a California skilled nursing facility.

While a resident of the facility, the Plaintiff suffered from an avoidable pressure ulcer on her heel and an entirely preventable fall that caused her to suffer a fractured left hip, fractured left wrist, fractured jaw and the loss of one tooth. The Plaintiff’s injuries would not have occurred had facility staff adhered to applicable rules, laws and regulations, as well as the acceptable standards of practice governing the operation of a skilled nursing facility.

Although the facility was aware the Plaintiff had previous falls at home and suffered from dementia, staff were unable to provide her with the care called for by her care plan, which included repositioning her every two hours and using devices that relieved pressure and reduced the risk of falls. The injuries suffered by the Plaintiff while a resident of the facility were the result of a plan to cut costs at the expense of residents.

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