Identifying Financial Abuse of a Senior

Nursing home abuse takes many different forms. One form that many may not be familiar with is financial abuse. The evidence of financial abuse can be subtle and difficult to detect, yet it can have devastating consequences on an elderly person’s stability and independence.

Learn how to identify and report the financial abuse of an elderly person.


As with every other form of nursing home abuse, the financial abuse of a senior has its own unique signs. Keep an eye out for the following red flags the next time you visit your loved one in their nursing home:

  • Sudden, unexplained changes in the elderly person’s financial situation
  • Withdrawals from an ATM when the elderly person could not have done so themselves
  • Missing cash or valuables from the elderly person’s room
  • Subscriptions in which the elderly person would not have been interested
  • Nursing home staff using unnecessary services such as tests or procedures that are not needed
  • Nursing home staff misrepresenting a patient’s diagnosis as something that requires more expensive treatment


If you witness the aforementioned signs of financial abuse, bring it to the attention of the facility’s staff. If they dismiss or deny your concerns, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you directly witness nursing home abuse, contact the authorities.

At Garcia & Artigliere, our attorneys are passionate about protecting the rights of seniors across the country. If your loved one experienced abuse in their nursing home, we’re here to help you launch an investigation and build a case against negligent parties.

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