Esteemed Elder Abuse Firm Garcia & Artigliere Files Charges Against Shoreline Healthcare Center

Known for their vigorous work defending elders against negligent or otherwise abusive parties, Garcia & Artigliere has filed a new suit against Shoreline Healthcare Center of Long Beach, CA. The brief alleges a patient faced neglect and withholding of care during her stay, which resulted in her death. Filed by her survivors, the suit looks to recover compensation for her injuries and hardships.

The patient at the center of the case developed a pressure sore on her heel less than a month after her admission to Shoreline Healthcare Center, but staff deceived her family into believing the was nothing more than a small blister. A month later, the patient’s doctor discovered the truth of the injury and informed the facility the patient needed more attention. He also recommended her for surgery to address a blockage in her leg that was causing circulation issues. The staff did not comply with either instruction, failing to deliver the patient’s referral and making excuses to the patient’s family to conceal their neglect.

At the end of December, staff at Shoreline Healthcare Center contacted the patient’s family to inform them she had been transferred to the ICU for an amputation. The patient’s leg was gangrened, and she had developed sepsis (an infection of the blood) because of her untreated wounds. Her condition was so poor upon arriving at the hospital that she could not undergo surgery, and she passed away a few days later.

The suit alleges Shoreline Healthcare Center violated its duty of care in many ways, including:

  • failing to provide proper preventative care and care plans for the patient;
  • failing to notify the patient’s family and physician of new injuries and other changes in condition;
  • failing to transfer the patient when the facility could no longer provide the care she needed;
  • subjecting the patient to mental abuse by failing to meet her care needs;
  • subjecting the patient to pain and suffering by allowing medical issues to go untreated; and
  • failing to hire sufficient, licensed, and well-trained staff for the facility.

If you have experienced similar conduct by Shoreline Healthcare Center, your testimony could be central to helping this family find justice. Garcia & Artigliere asks you to reach out to them as soon as possible with your report.