Courier Journal Covers Garcia & Artigliere’s Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Two Kentucky Nursing Homes

Louisville-based Courier Journal published an article detailing two class action lawsuits filed by Garcia & Artigliere in Kentucky against a nursing home and a health and rehab center and their owner. The lawsuits allege that the facilities profited from systematically and knowingly understaffing the facility – a direct violation of Kentucky and federal law.

“The plaintiffs of this action, rather than seeking to do something for themselves, are trying to advocate on behalf of the public good and change the methodology by which Forcht and his team and the nursing homes provide care so that it is lawful, appropriate and responsible,” Garcia said.

The article details the failures of both facilities to provide legally mandated registered nurses and nursing hours. “Engaging in Machiavellian corporate gamesmanship to hide one’s responsibility is unacceptable,” Garcia said. “The plaintiffs in this action seek justice for the one who is ultimately responsible. The true owner.”

Read the full article in the Courier Journal here.