Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sunnyside Nursing Center in Torrance, California for Understaffing and Illegal Siphoning of Funds

Garcia & Artigliere filed a class action lawsuit against California-based nursing home Sunnyside Nursing Center for allegedly failing to employ an adequate number of staff to provide care to those living at the facility and siphoning off required funds for resident care for their own profit. These issues were not only directly harmful to the residents included in the lawsuit, but they were knowingly concealed from them by facility management.

These illegal practices directly resulted in a harmful standard of care for the residents. This is made clear by the dozens of “survey deficiencies” reported against the facility from 2018-2020, indicating that the nursing home was operating inadequately. The facility received 17 of these deficiencies in 2018, 19 in 2019, and 27 in 2020, compared to a statewide yearly average of only five.

The law requires that residents of a nursing home have the right to live in a facility that employs an adequate amount of staff to care for those who reside there. However, Sunnyside Nursing Facility failed to provide this care. Further, the facility illegally and fraudulently concealed its harmful understaffing problem and underreported the number of hours worked by its staff to the government and the nursing home residents.

Read the complaint here.

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