$1 Million Settlement Obtained in Elder Abuse Lawsuit Against Senior Housing Facility

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorneys secured a settlement of $1,000,000 for an elderly patient who suffered abuse and eventually died due to the neglect of an Alameda County senior housing facility.

In December of 2017, the Plaintiff, who had become a high fall risk, was admitted into the assisted living section of the senior housing facility. The facility failed to provide a proper, complete and updated care plan given the Plaintiff’s medical conditions, including a history of dementia. As a result, the elderly patient was left unattended on April 21, 2019, and fell, fracturing her sacrum.

Within several months, the elderly Plaintiff fell again, this time suffering skin tears to her face and head. The lack of care led to such neglectful conditions that on April 30, 2020, the Plaintiff was found face down on the floor of her bathroom. Despite the severity of her condition, action was not taken to prevent further falls and the Plaintiff fell multiple times in the following months, suffering from bleeding lacerations to her head and multiple right rib fractures.
Unfortunately, due to her multiple injuries, she passed away.

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