$1.65 Million Settlement Obtained in Lawsuit Against Kentucky Medical Center and Doctor for Medical Negligence and Fraud

Garcia & Artigliere attorneys Stephen M. Garcia and Matthew M. Coman secured a $1,650,000 settlement for a man who suffered severe injuries and the need for revision surgery after his doctor negligently performed ankle surgery. The doctor also failed to disclose that he profited from the use of surgical products, which were used in the plaintiff’s ankle surgery.

During the course of the physician/patient relationship, the Medical Center and doctor deviated from the accepted standard of care, and performed surgery to repair the ankle and leg of the patient negligently. This resulted in the Plaintiff being unable to use his leg and need revision surgery, as well as suffering from severe pain.

Further, the Medical Center and doctor failed to disclose to the Plaintiff that they benefitted financially in the proposed surgery by using certain surgical products and implants as the doctor’s wife was a sales representative for the company that provided a device implanted into the patent’s ankle.
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