$1.4M Settlement Obtained in Elder Abuse and Assault & Battery Lawsuit Against a Santa Clarita Facility

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorneys Stephen M. Garcia and William M. Artigliere secured a $1.4 million settlement on behalf of decedent B.G., an elderly woman who suffered numerous unnecessary injuries and an assault resulting in a brain bleed due to the negligence of Santa Clarita living facility while she was a resident. 

In May 2021, a resident violently assaulted B.G. by pushing her and causing her to fall backwards, hitting her head. As a result of the facility’s inability to properly train staff in physical abuse risk prevention and failure to provide appropriate staff to prevent B.G. from encountering hostile residents with known violent propensities, she was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed and placed in the ICU. B.G. later returned to the facility on hospice.

In August 2021, B.G. fell asleep on an outside patio in over 100-degree weather, where she was left without being checked for several hours until a resident alerted staff. Facility staff brought B.G. inside and placed her in a cold shower to get her body temperature down quickly. Her levels were so low, she required oxygen.

After vigorously litigating this matter and establishing the facility forced B.G. to endure unjustifiable pain and suffering, the Defendants agreed to pay Garcia & Artigliere’s client $1.4 million.

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