$1.3 Million Settlement Accomplished on Eve of Arbitration Against a Nursing Home for Elder Abuse

Following contentious litigation and having been ordered to arbitration, Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorneys Stephen M. Garcia and William M. Artigliere obtained a $1.3 million settlement on the eve of arbitration for their elderly client S.T. who suffered stage 3 bedsores on his heels, tailbone and buttocks due to the negligence of a nursing home.

After being in the hospital for well over a year, S.T. was admitted to the facility because his medical conditions required long-term, special care and assistance. Approximately one year later, S.T. suffered a major stroke that left him unable to walk or talk and fully dependent on facility staff for all activities of daily living. Instead of providing necessary care to prevent the formation and deterioration of pressure sores, facility staff failed to properly attend to S.T.’s needs and did not inform his family of the extent of his condition. As a result of this neglect, S.T. developed avoidable stage 3 ulcers and bedsores all over his body, leading to his admission into the ICU. He never recovered from his injuries.

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