Elder Physical Abuse


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North Hollywood Lawyers Handling Claims of Physical Abuse of the Elderly

North Hollywood elder abuse attorneys representing victims of physical assault

Every senior deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. No seniors should ever have to worry about being punched, physically threatened, or restrained because they dare to ask a question or complain that their arthritis is painful. No seniors should ever be denied their daily needs or medical care. Every staff member who works with the elderly who have cognitive difficulties should emphasize compassion and patience over any type of force. At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood elder abuse lawyers move quickly to stop physical abuse and file complaints to hold abusers and caretakers accountable. Most acts of physical abuse should be prevented by nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other types of caretakers. To protect your relative or friend, contact us today. We have obtained more than $3 billion in recoveries for our clients.


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What is physical abuse?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines physical abuse as follows: “Illness, pain, injury, functional impairment, distress, or death as a result of the intentional use of physical force.”

Physical abuse includes:

  • Pushing, punching, hitting, slapping, burning, or causing any other type of physical pain
  • The use of physical restraints or chemical restraints without medical authorization
  • Refusing to feed a senior or give a senior his/her medications
  • Sexual abuse

Many staff members physically abuse seniors who have physical or cognitive impairments to control or punish the elderly.

What factors indicate your relative may be a victim of physical abuse?

The elderly in North Hollywood rely on family and friends to speak for them when physical abuse happens. To help your parent, grandparent, or another relation, you should regularly visit your loved one at the nursing home, assisted living facility, or other caretaker location.

The signs of physical abuse of a senior include:

  • Fractured arms, legs, hips, and other types of broken bones
  • Bleeding
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Behavioral changes
  • Fear of a staff member, resident, or others
  • Statements that a senior is hurting
  • Untreated infections or illnesses
  • Loss of weight or weight gain
  • Not participating in discussions, games, and social activities
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and depression
  • The need to be taken to an emergency room
  • Sudden death

Why do the elderly suffer abuse in North Hollywood?

In most cases, the abuse of a senior is preventable. Nursing homes and other residential facilities, adult senior care centers, and at-home agencies need to take proactive steps to stop abuse before the abuse happens. Caretakers should also move immediately to stop physical abuse as soon as they learn of the abuse.

At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood nursing home abuse and neglect elderly lawyers work with the local police, adult protective agencies, institutional professionals, and the state Ombudsman to fully understand how your loved one was abused, and why the abuse occurred.

Some of the reasons that seniors in North Hollywood are abused include:

  • The abuser:
    • Is a mean person
    • Has substance abuse problems
    • Does not have the education and training to work with seniors who have physical, emotional, or cognitive impairments
  • The caretaker (a long-term care facility, nursing home, rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, home-healthcare agency, or any other caretaker) failed to:
    • Hire enough qualified staff members
    • Train and educate their employees about the difficulties seniors face every day and how to handle those difficulties
    • Have individualized care plans
    • Have written policies in place to stop, monitor, and respond to any acts of physical abuse
    • Conduct background checks
    • Discipline employees and contractors who abuse the elderly
    • Contact the police, the state long-term care Ombudsman, and/or local adult protective services
    • Provide immediate medical care
    • Implement caretaker best practices
    • Comply with federal and California laws

We coordinate your relative’s personal injury claim with any criminal charges that are filed.

What harm does physical abuse of North Hollywood seniors cause?

Many elder residents of caretaker facilities and patients receiving daily care already have arthritis, difficulty walking, and other physical challenges. Many also have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Any type of elder abuse or elder neglect only makes their lives more difficult.

Our North Hollywood physical abuse attorneys work with elder care doctors and other physicians to understand the scope and severity of your loved one’s injuries.

Common physical abuse injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries or head trauma
  • Lung disorders
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve damage
  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of trust
  • Loss of quality of life

What is the value of a California physical abuse claim?

Every senior’s life has value. Seniors deserve to be compensated when abuse or neglect affects the quality of life and duration of the life of any senior. At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood physical abuse lawyers work with elder care physicians who can explain your loved one’s harm, the medical care needed, and every way his or her life is harder and less happy.

We’re skilled at negotiating claims with the insurance companies for the caretakers and presenting cases before juries. Our lawyers demand compensation for every type of harm including:

  • The current and future medical costs including ER care, hospital stays, rehabilitative therapy, medications, and emotional counseling
  • The daily pain and suffering of your loved one
  • Any scarring or disfigurement
  • Any loss of bodily function
  • The loss of quality of life

We often file a punitive damage claim against the abuser. If physical abuse tragically takes the life of your loved one, our lawyers file wrongful death actions to pay the family members for the burial and funeral costs, any financial damages, and the loss of compassion and guidance your loved one would have provided the members of the family.

How much time does my loved one have to file a North Hollywood physical abuse claim?

Generally, a senior has two years from the date of the physical abuse to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a North Hollywood caretaker.

Don’t wait. We need to put the caretaker on notice immediately so that your loved one and other seniors in the caretaker’s care can be protected. Time is of the essence. Prompt medical care starts the healing process.

Do you have a North Hollywood physical abuse lawyer near me?

At Garcia & Artigliere, our elder abuse attorneys meet with seniors who have been abused at our California offices. We also meet seniors away from our office when necessary. Phone and video conferences are also an option.

We’ll answer your questions and those of a physically abused senior. We’ll explain how the claims process works so you and your loved one know what to expect.

Speak with a respected North Hollywood elder physical abuse lawyer at Garcia & Artigliere now

At Garcia & Artigliere, our experienced elder abuse and neglect lawyers have helped many seniors obtain justice. We are skilled at showing why physical abuse happens and holding everyone responsible accountable – including elder care institutions that fail to prevent the abuse. In 2022 alone, our lawyers obtained more than $50 million for our California clients.

Seniors can assert their rights by calling us or completing our contact form  to schedule a free, confidential consultation. We represent seniors in North Hollywood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and across California. Our team also represents the elderly in Arizona, Kentucky, and Louisiana. We represent physical abuse victims on a contingency fee basis.

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