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Institutional caretakers, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, must understand the daily needs of their residents. They need to understand what complications may arise as seniors grow older. They need to respect the rights of each senior they care for. All caretakers need to comply with the federal and California laws that regulate the type of care they provide. It’s common practice for every residential and at-home caretaker to have individual care plans for the residents and policies and procedures for every staff member. At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood elder abuse lawyers have obtained more than $3 billion for our clients, many of whom have suffered due to elder abuse or neglect. We understand why neglect is preventable, and why your caretaker or the caretaker of a loved one should be held accountable. Call us today to assert your rights.


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What laws regulate the type of care long-term care facilities and other caretakers must provide in North Hollywood?

At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood elder care neglect attorneys are skilled at holding institutional facilities, such as nursing homes, accountable for the harm they cause seniors due to neglect. There are many types of errors and wrongs that qualify as neglect. The starting question that we always review is whether the caretaker facility or agency failed to comply with federal and California laws that regulate caretaker competence.

Some of these laws include:

Long-term care and other North Hollywood caretakers must also comply with industry standards for competent care. For example, every nursing home should have written policies and procedures in place to ensure that residents and patients don’t fall, receive their medications, understand their rights, and address how complications and emergencies should be handled.

What types of elder care neglect claims do your North Hollywood lawyers handle?

Our North Hollywood elder care neglect attorneys handle all types of nursing home accidents and substandard care including the failure to:

  • Provide daily living needs. Nursing homes and other caretakers should ensure that their residents including seniors (anyone 60 or older) live in a safe place. The elderly should have nutritious food, clean clothes, and be well-groomed. They should receive their daily medications. Seniors should be socially active. Caretakers should never let a senior wander or elope from their premises. No senior should ever be abandoned.
  • Prevent seniors from falling. Many seniors have difficulty with their balance. One slip can mean a broken hip. Many seniors need walkers and wheelchairs. Residential and day facilities should regularly inspect their facilities for any conditions, such as slippery floors or broken tiles, which could cause a senior to fall.
  • Provide quality medical care. Many long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes, have a duty to provide medical care to their residents or patients. In North Hollywood, these caretakers must ensure that residents receive the correct medications at the correct times and in the correct amounts. The caretakers should understand how to avoid and how to treat or get immediate help for many common senior ailments such as bedsores, bladder and bowel disorders, scabies, and strokes.

At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood elder care neglect lawyers file personal injury claims when neglect causes physical harm or emotional suffering. We also file claims when caretakers don’t take steps to prevent or stop physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse of the elderly.

Why do caretakers in North Hollywood fail to protect the seniors in their care?

There are many steps that nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of caretakers should take to prevent or reduce the risk of harm to seniors. At Garcia & Artilleries, our North Hollywood elder abuse and neglect lawyers are skilled at showing what harm occurred, and why the caretaker should have prevented the harm. Some of the reasons North Hollywood caretakers may be negligent include:

  • Failing to have individual care plans. Every type of caretaker should take the time to review the specific health and needs of the senior they’re helping. Individual health plans should clarify what physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges your loved one has. The plans should explain how to manage these challenges, what to do when complications arise, which doctors to contact, and which family members to call.
  • Failing to create and implement facility-wide standards. In addition to individual care plans, long-term and short-term care facilities should have clear written policies and procedures to handle the problems that may affect all or most seniors. These written policies should address the possibility of falling, proper diets, how to prevent bedsores, how to respond to the symptoms of a stroke, and many other dangers.
  • Not having enough staff members. Seniors require a daily balance of individual care and group care. Assisted living facilities and all other caretakers should have enough caretakers on staff to ensure each senior’s needs are met, and that each senior is seen by more than one caretaker – to protect against one caretaker controlling or abusing a senior.
  • Not having enough training. Many elderly residents and patients in North Hollywood have physical or cognitive difficulties. Most of these challenges require advanced skills, such as nursing skills, communication skills, and humanity skills. An educated staff is more likely to have the patience and maturity to handle patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or immobility problems. Uneducated staff members are more likely to resort to physical force and emotional intimidation to control or punish a senior.
  • Failing to conduct background checks. North Hollywood caretakers should conduct regular background checks to review if their staff members have the proper qualifications, and to see if there are any red flags that a worker may endanger a senior.

A failure to have a system in place to report and respond to safety concerns or other complaints is another reason caretakers are negligent.

How do your North Hollywood elder care neglect lawyers fight for seniors?

Garcia & Artigliere wants every senior to live his or her remaining years to the fullest – physically and emotionally. Our North Hollywood elder neglect lawyers have more than 150 years of combined experience showing that nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, adult facilities, and at-home agencies failed to protect seniors in California and nationwide.

We’re skilled at showing a caretaker failed to comply with federal and California laws, failed to follow well-known safety standards, and failed to prioritize the health and safety of loved ones.

Some of the many steps we take to show a caretaker was neglectful include:

  • Investigating how a senior was harmed
  • Reviewing the contracts that explain what care the facility or agency was required to provide
  • Working with the police, adult protective services, the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and any local agencies
  • Conducting discovery (formal questions and answers) of the caretaker, and everyone who has knowledge about what type of neglect occurred, why it occurred, and why it was preventable
  • Obtaining all relevant documents to show what policies and procedures were in place when the neglect happened
  • Reviewing the senior’s short and long-term health diagnosis and prognosis

Our lawyers file personal injury claims and wrongful death actions.

Do you have a North Hollywood elder neglect lawyer near me?

At Garcia & Artigliere, our elder neglect and abuse attorneys represent the elderly throughout California including North Hollywood. We see seniors in our offices, at residential facilities, and in alternate locations. We also conduct consultations by phone and through video conferences.

We’ll explain how the neglect claim works and guide you and your loved one through each step of the process.

Consult with the North Hollywood elder neglect lawyers at Garcia & Artigliere now

At Garcia & Artigliere, our North Hollywood elder neglect lawyers are ready to hold large nursing homes and other institutional facilities accountable. We’ve obtained numerous settlements and verdicts for millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars. We understand the unique challenges involved with representing seniors who have cognitive challenges. We fight for all the compensation your loved one deserves to maximize his/her health and restore his/her dignity.

To schedule a free consultation, call or fill out our contact form today. We represent the elderly in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and across California. Our attorneys also have offices in Arizona, Kentucky, and Louisiana. We handle elder neglect cases on a contingency fee basis.

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