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Harbor City Elder Neglect Lawyers

Look to our Harbor City elder neglect attorneys when a loved one is suffering neglect

At Garcia & Artigliere, we understand the unique challenges that come with protecting the rights and well-being of our elderly community members. Our mission is to provide unwavering legal support for those who have suffered from neglect, whether it be in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or within family settings. Our Harbor City elder abuse lawyers stand ready to be your trusted advocates, ensuring that neglectful parties are held accountable and that our elders receive the care and respect they deserve. Get in touch with us today for compassionate assistance.


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What is elder neglect?

ElderAbuse.org refers to elder neglect as “the failure of a responsible caregiver to meet the medical, social, and/or psychological needs of an older adult who requires assistance in one or more of these areas.” Examples of elder neglect include withholding essential needs, failing to provide assistance, and missing caretakers, meaning someone is unwilling or unable to perform caregiving responsibilities.

HelpGuide.org notes that elder neglect constitutes more than half of all reported cases of elder abuse.

What are the signs of elder neglect?

It is important to keep an eye out for signs of elder neglect, which can include:

Physical signs

  • Undernourishment or dehydration: Weight loss, malnutrition, dry mouth, cracked lips, sunken eyes.
  • Poor hygiene: Unkempt appearance, dirty clothes, body odor, overgrown nails, skin infections.
  • Untreated medical conditions: Worsening chronic illnesses, new infections, untreated wounds, bedsores.
  • Lack of appropriate clothing or footwear: Inappropriate attire for weather conditions, worn-out or ill-fitting clothes, missing shoes.
  • Physical injuries: Unexplained bruises, burns, cuts, broken bones, signs of sexual trauma, or pressure sores.

Behavioral signs

  • Depression, anxiety, or withdrawal: Loss of interest in activities, social isolation, changes in mood or sleep patterns.
  • Confusion or memory loss: Sudden onset or worsening of cognitive decline, difficulty following instructions, forgetfulness.
  • Fear or hesitation: Anxiety or reluctance to be left alone, fear of talking about their caregiver.
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits: Loss of appetite, difficulty preparing meals, skipping meals due to lack of assistance.
  • Changes in daily activities: Difficulty with toileting, bathing, or moving around, frequent falls or accidents.

Environmental signs

  • Unsanitary or unsafe living conditions: Dirty or cluttered home, broken furniture or appliances, hazardous electrical wiring, lack of heat or running water.
  • Empty refrigerator or cupboards: Lack of adequate food or beverages, expired food items.
  • Missing medications or medical equipment: Empty pill bottles, broken eyeglasses or hearing aids, unused walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Isolation from family and friends: Limited contact with loved ones, absence of social invitations or visits.
  • Presence of pests or vermin: Infestation of insects or rodents, unsanitary conditions.

Remember, while some of these signs can have alternative explanations, a sudden change in any aspect of an elder's well-being should raise concern. If you suspect neglect, it's vital to reach out for help immediately. Our Harbor City elder neglect lawyers can help.


Why does elder neglect happen in Harbor City?

There are many complex reasons why elder neglect happens, and often several factors contribute simultaneously:

Individual factors

  • Caregiver burden: Overwhelmed caregivers facing physical or mental health challenges, financial difficulties, or limited social support may struggle to meet an elder's needs.
  • Lack of knowledge or skills: Inexperienced caregivers may not understand the specific needs of an elder with declining health or specific conditions, leading to unintentional neglect.
  • Substance abuse or mental health issues: Addiction, depression, or anxiety can impair a caregiver's ability to provide consistent and adequate care.

Relationship factors

  • Family conflicts or estrangement: Strained relationships within families can limit support for both the elder and the caregiver, increasing the risk of neglect.
  • Isolation from family and friends: Elders residing alone or with caregivers lacking social connections are more vulnerable to neglect due to reduced oversight and potential exploitation.
  • Power imbalances: When an elder depends heavily on a caregiver for their basic needs, it creates a power imbalance that the caregiver may exploit, leading to neglectful behavior.

Societal factors

  • Inadequate support systems: Limited access to affordable and reliable caregiver training, respite care, and community services can leave families struggling to adequately meet an elder's needs.
  • Financial constraints: Insufficient financial resources to hire quality care or secure resources such as in-home assistance can contribute to neglect, especially for low-income elders.

It's important to remember that elder neglect is never the fault of the victim. If you or your loved one are experiencing elder neglect, call the Harbor City lawyers at Garcia & Artigliere today.

Who is liable for my Harbor City elder neglect claim?

Determining liability in an elder neglect claim in Harbor City involves identifying the parties responsible for the neglectful actions or failure to act. Liability may extend to various individuals, institutions, or entities involved in the care and well-being of the elderly person. Here are potential parties that could be held liable for your elder neglect claim:

  • Nursing homes: Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or other care institutions may be held liable if their staff members fail to provide the necessary care, resulting in neglect. This includes cases of inadequate staffing, training, or supervision.
  • Individual caregivers: If neglect occurs under the care of an individual caregiver, that person may be held personally liable for the neglectful actions or omissions.
  • Healthcare providers: Doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals may be liable if their failure to provide adequate care contributed to the neglect suffered by the elderly individual.
  • Third parties: Liability may extend to third parties, such as contractors or service providers, if their actions or negligence contributed to the neglect of the elderly person.

It’s important to remember that determining liability requires a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the neglect. The experienced Harbor City elder abuse attorneys at Garcia & Artigliere can help with assessing the details of your case, gathering evidence, and pursuing a claim against the responsible parties.

Do you have a Harbor City elder neglect attorney near me?

Garcia & Artigliere has offices at 2029 Century Park East, Suite 400, in Los Angeles. We’re located between Constellation Boulevard and W. Olympic Boulevard. We can also arrange video calls or off-site visits if you are unable to travel due to your condition.

Compassionate Harbor City elder neglect attorneys helping your family

If you suspect or have evidence of elder neglect, it's crucial to act swiftly to protect the well-being of your loved ones. Our dedicated Harbor City elder neglect lawyers at Garcia & Artigliere are here to be your advocates in the pursuit of justice for those who have suffered from neglect and inadequate care. Your loved one deserves the highest standard of care, and our attorneys stand ready to hold the right people accountable. Call our offices or contact us today to set up a free consultation. Garcia & Artigliere has offices in Long Beach and Los Angeles and serve clients throughout California.