Garcia & Artigliere Obtained $650K Settlement in Wrongful Death Case Against California Skilled Nursing Facility

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorney Stephen M. Garcia obtained a $650,000 settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit against a California 24-hour skilled nursing facility.

The Plaintiff was a patient of the facility for approximately 36 days, during which time he suffered at least five falls. After his fifth and final fall, the facility discharged him without informing his family how severe the fall and injury was. The Plaintiff died of a traumatic subdural hematoma a few days after being discharged.

The facility was well aware that the Plaintiff had a risk of falling and therefore required special care and assistance, including 24-hour supervision. However, the facility knowingly disregarded this risk and failed to meet the Plaintiff’s needs or comply with rules, laws and regulations governing the facility.
The lawsuit alleged that the facility’s corporate officers implemented a financial plan that led to understaffing, in both number and training, and the setting of financial budgets which did not allow for sufficient resources to be provided to the Plaintiff by the facility.
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