$650K Settlement Achieved Against a Southern California Nursing Home for Elder Abuse

Garcia & Artigliere elder abuse attorneys Stephen M. Garcia and William M. Artigliere acquired a $650,000 settlement for their elderly client who suffered numerous avoidable falls and a leg fracture as a result of the Southern California nursing home’s reckless neglect.

The Plaintiff was admitted to the facility in 2016 because he suffered from dementia and was no longer able to care for himself at home. By 2019, his dementia was so severe that he used a walker or was in a wheelchair and required assistance with all his activities of daily living.

Despite the facility’s knowledge that the Plaintiff required special care and assistance due to his dementia and propensity to wander, they failed to create and implement proper care plans to prevent him from suffering falls. As a result, the Plaintiff suffered a fall in 2019 and another in 2020, which resulted in a leg fracture and required surgery to repair.

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