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Riverside elder neglect lawyers fighting against neglectful caretakers in California

Seniors over 60 may experience neglect and abuse at the hands of those they trust the most. Families may hire a caretaker or move them into a nursing home or assisted care facility. These entities have custody of the older individual and are responsible for their care and wellbeing. Establishing custody and responsibility is vital should issues of elder neglect arise. When a person tasked with caring for the physical and mental needs of a dependent individual is negligent, they could be liable for physical neglect. If you fear your loved one is being neglected, speak to a Riverside elder abuse lawyer from Garcia & Artigliere. Call us today to assert your rights.


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How are Riverside caretakers neglectful?

Caretakers play a pivotal role in the daily lives of seniors and dependent adults. Neglect can happen in many ways and is often the result of conscious choices. When it occurs in nursing homes, it can be due to negligence of those in charge of hiring and scheduling. Unfortunately, neglect can lead to imminent harm or death of the resident. Some common types of nursing home neglect include:

  • Medical neglect can happen when the nursing home fails to prevent a resident's medical concerns. Failing to address the matter is another form of medical neglect. Caregivers may be neglectful if they provide inadequate diabetic care, allow bedsores to develop, or fail to diagnose a condition.
  • Neglect of basic needs happens when a caretaker doesn't provide the resident with basic needs like food or water. Some residents require mobility assistance or toileting help. They also have the right to a safe and clean environment. Failing to provide this is a neglect of basic needs.
  • Abuse is often the result of neglect, and the two can go hand in hand. Emotional or verbal abuse can involve berating, humiliating, and ignoring a resident. Physical abuse consists of the patient being hit, kicked, beaten, or sexually abused.

One way to avoid neglect is to ensure your loved one has a care plan. This should be established when they enter a facility. You should work with caregivers, facility managers, and primary care physicians. If neglect exists, speak to a Riverside neglect lawyer. Garcia & Artigliere can review your legal options and the government agencies to contact to report these facilities and caregivers.

Why does neglect of the elderly occur in Riverside?

The primary cause of elderly neglect is stress from understaffing. Caregivers can be stressed or overworked, leading them to neglect residents. Adequate staffing is the responsibility of the nursing home or residential facility. They must have enough staff to provide quality care and a safe environment. Another reason neglect happens is because the nursing home did not properly run background checks. Poor training can also lead to neglect. Even if the caregiver passes a background check, they still need training in best practices and the care the facility provides. If your loved one experiences neglect, speak to a Riverside neglect lawyer today.

Signs of elder neglect in Riverside

Caregivers are responsible for keeping the resident free from hazards and unsafe conditions. They must also prevent dehydration and malnutrition. They must provide enrichment activities and ensure the person is updated on medical care. When visiting your loved one or caring for them at home, look for these and other signs of neglect:

  • Bed sores are preventable injuries in most cases. There are some legitimate reasons for minor bed sores. However, there is never an excuse for them to reach stage three or four, which involves skin loss.
  • Infections can happen for many reasons, and the elderly population is at a higher risk. At the first sign of infection, caretakers should administer treatment. Delaying or denying treatment can result in a life-or-death situation.
  • Falls and fractures shouldn't occur with adequate supervision, and the caregiver should adhere to the care plan. If your loved one is a fall risk, they must have additional requirements to avoid falls and potential bone fractures.
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss must be investigated since it can signify a failure in nourishing the resident and can also be a sign of an underlying disease not adequately addressed.
  • Dehydration is another sign that a dependent adult is not receiving necessary water. Like all of us, seniors need water and should be adequately hydrated.
  • Inadequate supervision can cause vulnerable seniors who have cognitive or memory issues to be tempted to wander or act out against other residents and caretakers. Individuals who are at risk of wandering, particularly those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, should be monitored closely by all staff. Measures must be taken to keep them in the facility, and if they escape without notice, that is neglect.
  • Poor personal hygiene cannot be tolerated, and residents should live in sanitary conditions. When they are not, it is neglect.
  • Tube feeding failure can happen when a resident requires help feeding with a gastronomy or nasogastric tube. If the tube is misplaced, it can cause severe injuries and result in inadequate nutrition and even death. Caregivers should check tubes periodically, before feeding, and change the tubes when they are dirty or broken.
  • Medication errors can be administered in a way that injures or kills a person. These medications aid healing, but an error can result in the opposite.
  • Deprivation of dignity goes against the Nursing Home Bill of Rights. Adults have a right to dignity, whether at home or in a facility. Caregivers who deny a person dignity must be reported, as this is neglect.
  • Peer-on-peer abuse can happen when caretakers are not paying attention. Tensions can be high among residents, but caregivers should stay alert to these issues and keep unruly residents separate.

How do your Riverside elder neglect lawyers fight for seniors in California?

Our primary goal is to hold anyone who neglected your loved one liable for their actions. This can involve filing a claim against nurses, support staff, the facility, third parties, other residents, and administrators. Depending on the details of your case, one or more of these parties could be responsible for the neglect. While pursuing compensation, we will investigate your case, find the liable parties, and handle the filing process.

A Riverside elder neglect lawyer from Garcia & Artigliere will communicate daily with those involved in the case. These cases include filing lawsuits, completing insurance forms, and working with the court. We will also contact medical professionals, whether they were involved with care or as expert witnesses. Our goal is to protect your loved one's rights and interests. We will seek compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills stemming from new injuries and infections
  • Reimbursement of broken, lost, or stolen items
  • Psychological counseling
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medication to treat new ailments

Money may not change what happened, but it can help you move forward. It also punishes the person who inflicted this pain and neglect. If your loved one dies, you can file a wrongful death claim. Speak to a Riverside neglect lawyer to fight for justice.

Do you have a Riverside elder neglect lawyer near me?

Garcia & Artigliere fights aggressively for our clients. You have entrusted your loved one to these individuals, and they have breached this trust. Now, your loved one is in pain, mentally distraught, and forever changed. Sometimes a loved one dies from the abuse or neglect of these entities. This is unacceptable, and these parties should face legal repercussions. If you suspect elder neglect, schedule a confidential consultation with a Riverside neglect lawyer. We have offices in Long Beach and Los Angeles and serve clients across California.

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