Elder Sexual Abuse


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Granada Hills Sexual Abuse of the Elderly Lawyers

Our Granada Hills elder sexual abuse attorneys protect your loved one from sexual abuse and assault

If you or a loved one has been a victim of elder sexual abuse, we understand the immense emotional and physical toll it can take. At Garcia & Artigliere, our dedicated team of Granada Hills elder abuse attorneys is here to provide support and legal guidance during this challenging time. We believe in fiercely advocating for the rights and dignity of older individuals who have experienced such heinous acts. We are ready to stand by your side, ensuring that those responsible for the abuse are held accountable. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to fight for the justice and closure you deserve - contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Elder abuse attorney Stephen M. Garcia obtained $5.4 million dollars for an 87-year-old woman who was repeatedly sexually molested by the co-manager of a residential care facility. The co-manager had a long history of alleged sexual misconduct at the facility, but none of the incidents of elder abuse were reported to either Adult Protective Services or to the Department of Social Services. Upon discovery, the nursing home fired the co-manager and waited 8 days to report his actions to the police, giving him time to flee.


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What is elder sexual abuse?

ElderAbuse.org defines sexual abuse as “any unwanted sexual contact with an older adult.” Sexual abuse of the elderly can take many forms, per the organization, including:

  • Sexual assault, which is unwanted touching or other sexual activity.
  • Unwelcome advances, which include suggestive verbal advances that are unwanted or unwelcome.
  • Capacity to consent, which is “sexual activity with an older adult who does not expressly consent or who does not have the capacity to consent.”

What are the signs of elder sexual abuse in Granada Hills?

Identifying signs of elder sexual abuse is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of older individuals. It's important to note that these signs may vary, and some victims may not exhibit obvious symptoms. However, common signs of elder sexual abuse may include:

  • Unexplained injuries or bruises: Injuries to the genital area or inner thighs without a plausible explanation.
  • Behavioral changes: Sudden changes in behavior, such as withdrawal, anxiety, depression, or aggression.
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs): Presence of STIs without a known history or explanation.
  • Fear or apprehension: Expressing fear or reluctance to be alone with a specific caregiver or individual.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns: Nightmares, difficulty sleeping, or signs of insomnia.
  • Changes in personal hygiene: Drastic changes in personal grooming or hygiene habits.
  • Torn or stained clothing: Damage to clothing or bedding, particularly in the genital area.
  • Expressing sexual concerns: Verbalizing distress or concerns related to sexual abuse.
  • Unexplained financial transactions: Financial exploitation may sometimes be associated with sexual abuse.

If you believe an elderly loved one is being sexually abused, talk to the Granada Hills elder sexual abuse attorneys at Garcia & Artigliere today.


Why does elder sexual abuse happen?

Elder sexual abuse can occur for various complex reasons, and it's important to recognize that each case may have unique contributing factors.

  • One significant factor is the power imbalance that perpetrators exploit. Elderly individuals, particularly those who may be physically or cognitively impaired, are vulnerable, creating an environment where abuse can take place.
  • Social isolation is another contributing factor. Elderly individuals who lack social connections become more susceptible to abuse, as there are fewer witnesses or individuals to intervene.
  • Dependency on caregivers plays a role as well. Elders who rely heavily on caregivers for their daily needs may fear retaliation if they report the abuse, leading to underreporting and perpetuation of the abuse.
  • Cognitive impairment, such as dementia, adds complexity to the issue. Individuals with cognitive impairments may be unable to communicate or fully comprehend the abuse, making them easy targets.
  • The lack of awareness among family members, caregivers, or staff in care facilities is also a contributing factor. Inadequate training to recognize and prevent elder sexual abuse may contribute to its occurrence.
  • Understaffing in care facilities is another issue. Inadequate supervision due to understaffing creates opportunities for abuse to go unnoticed, putting vulnerable elders at risk.

Furthermore, the lack of proper screening and background checks of caregivers and staff in care facilities may allow individuals with a history of abusive behavior to have access to vulnerable elders.

Who is liable for my Granada Hills elder sexual abuse claim?

Determining liability in a sexual abuse claim involves a careful examination of the circumstances surrounding the abuse. While each case is unique, potential parties that may be held liable for elder sexual abuse include caregivers or individuals, nursing homes or care facilities, healthcare professionals, third-party contractors, and government agencies.

In cases where the abuse occurs in a private setting, the individual responsible for the care of the elderly person may be held directly liable.

On the other hand, if the abuse happens in an institutional setting like a nursing home or care facility, the facility itself may be held responsible. This includes cases where there is evidence of inadequate supervision, insufficient training of staff, or negligent hiring practices that contributed to the abuse.

Individual healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, or other staff members, may also be held liable if their actions or negligence contribute to elder sexual abuse. This is true in both private and institutional settings.

If a third-party contractor is involved in providing care or services to the elderly person, they may be held liable if their actions or negligence contribute to the abuse. This highlights the importance of thorough background checks and oversight in contracting services.

Determining liability requires a thorough investigation of the specific facts surrounding the abuse. Consulting with a Granada Hills elder abuse attorney with experience in sexual assault cases can help assess the situation, identify responsible parties, and guide you through the legal process. Seeking legal assistance promptly is important to ensure justice for the victim and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

What is the value of my Granada Hills elder sexual abuse claim?

Determining the value of an elder sexual abuse claim is a complex process and depends on various factors specific to the case. The following factors are typically considered when assessing the value of a claim:

  • Severity of the abuse: The extent and severity of the sexual abuse will significantly affect the value of the claim. Severe and lasting harm generally results in higher compensation.
  • Medical expenses: The cost of medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation resulting from the abuse will be factored into the claim.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering you endured is a significant component of the claim.
  • Mental anguish: Your psychological trauma and emotional distress may contribute to the overall value of your claim.
  • Duration of the abuse: The length of time the abuse occurred and the ongoing impact on your life will also be considered.

It's essential to consult with an experienced Granada Hills elder sexual abuse attorney who can assess the specific details of your case, evaluate the damages suffered, and guide you on the potential value of your claim.

Do you have a Granada Hills elder sexual abuse attorney near me?

Garcia & Artigliere has offices at 2029 Century Park East, Suite 400, in Los Angeles. We’re located between Constellation Boulevard and W. Olympic Boulevard. We can also arrange video calls or off-site visits if you are unable to travel due to your condition.

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If you or a loved one has been a victim of elder sexual abuse, it's crucial to take immediate action to protect your rights and seek justice. At Garcia & Artigliere, we can help. Our team of compassionate and experienced elder abuse lawyers in Granada Hills is here to support you through this difficult time. We are dedicated to holding those responsible accountable for their actions and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call our offices or contact us today to set up a free consultation. Garcia & Artigliere has offices in Long Beach and Los Angeles and serve clients throughout California.