Unsafe commercial trucks

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The Collier County Sheriff’s department is cracking down on unsafe commercial trucks in the southern part of Florida.  The Sheriff is warning motorists to use caution when driving near a commercial truck.  A semi truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when it is fully loaded.  That is about 20 times the weight of a regular automobile.  With highway speeds as high as 70 mph, a passenger in a regular car does not stand a chance in avoiding severe injuries or death.

Deputies are stopping commercial trucks at random to inspect their tires, brakes and other safety equipment. By doing these random checks, truck owners are responsible for keeping their trucks safe.  According to Florida statistics, one in every ten fatalities is because of a truck-related crash.  Contacting an experienced truck injury and wrongful death attorney immediately after the accident occurs can be instrumental in sorting through all the details of a crash to determine exact cause and liability.