Two die in truck accident

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A truck accident on U. S. Highway 27 in Palm Beach County was where two people died recently from injuries suffered.  A 22-year old man, and his female passenger were driving in a Chrysler when they crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler, causing the vehicle to be stuck under the trailer of the truck.  Shortly after, the Chrysler burst into flames, engulfing the car and its passengers.  The trucker, was hauling sugar cane. 


The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s department has reports that the driver of the Chrysler was speeding at the time of the accident and it appears that he did not apply his brakes to stop from crashing into the semi-truck.  Rescue teams put out the fire; it took hours to pull the semi-truck and car apart.  Reports indicate the victims in the car died upon impact.  The trucker suffered minor injuries to his face and did not need hospital care.


The accident is under investigation and no charges or citations were issued.