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Trucking Accidents in California: Recent Statistics

Are you curious as to which measures are being taken to prevent trucking accidents in California? While both the state and trucking companies have mandated various efforts, recent truck accident statistics show that accidents are still occurring frequently — and nearly always with disastrous results. As experienced California truck accident attorneys, the firm of Garcia & Artigliere support all efforts to prevent these devastating occurrences.

The California Trucking Association maintains a comprehensive seminar system for trucking companies in California — they offer training in accident prevention, hazardous materials and federal requirements. The California Department of Transportation provides publicly-outlined truck restriction and operation regulations. While both of these entities contribute greatly towards preventing trucking accidents in California, examination of state accident statistics show that crashes are still prevalent.

The California Highway Patrol provides truck accident statistics which detail specifics of state accidents up to 2010. According to these reports, 5,279 truck-related collisions occurred in 2010, with 214 of these accidents reported as fatal. Other relevant statistics showed:

These statistics show that the probability of trucking accidents in California remains an alarming issue. Our California truck accident attorneys know that determining fault in these situations is a complex, high-stakes process — responsibility can be divided between a variety of parties, like the driver, vehicle loading company, or a government entity.

Our lawyers have lengthy experience handling truck accident cases with compassion and proficiency. If you’re seeking a California trucking accident attorney, contact the Garcia & Artigliere California office  for a free case review.