Truck driver fatigue

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An 18-wheeler can cause a lot of damage and injury if it crashes into a passenger vehicle.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statistics show that more than 20,000 people are injured in big rig accidents each year.

One of the main reasons for big rig accidents is driver fatigue and drowsiness.  It is easy for a tired driver to run off the road or drive in the middle of two lanes.  Several years ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration instituted new hours of service to prevent driver fatigue.  These hours have helped but driver fatigue is still responsible for approximately 20 to 40% of all truck accidents.

Long hours of driving can give a truck driver sleep deprivation on a regular basis.  This hinders a driver’s ability to operate his equipment safely.  Trucking companies need to crack down on their drivers.   Drivers need to get quality sleep in order to drive safely and get to their destination without causing an accident.