Steps Seniors Wish They Had Taken To Prepare for Elder Years

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pebble with messagePreparing for old age is a challenging prospect. You want to make wise choices, but it can be difficult to imagine what you will need or want in your later years from the vantage point of a younger adult. Many seniors express regrets about mistakes they made, and how they wish they had better prepared for their future. It can be valuable to examine the steps that most seniors wish they had taken to better prepare for their elder years, both for young people with an eye toward tomorrow, and for those who are looking to better care of their elderly loved ones today.

Financial insecurity is one of the most common challenges faced by many elderly people. Not saving enough money for retirement, retiring too soon, or simply living beyond their means can put many older people in a dire situation once they no longer have job-related income to rely on every month. Surprisingly, however, statistics show that money is hardly the only regret that elderly people have when looking back on their lives, and was not named as the top factor in maintaining a positive outlook.

Twenty five percent of older people say that the most important factor in their positive outlook on life is their religious or spiritual faith, followed closely by a loving family (15%) and simply making the choice to have a position attitude (14%). Financial security was named the top factor by only 5% of respondents age 60 and older, below a happy relationship, good health, and staying active both mentally and physically.

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