Sexual Abuse Exposed in Americas Nursing Homes

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As seniors reach their later stages in life, they begin to rely on walkers, wheelchairs, and guided nursing assistance when loved ones are unable to care for them and/or they are unable to care for themselves. As they age, they can become robbed of their memories, bed ridden, and even voiceless. In this moment, they turn to nursing homes to be cared for. Instead, “care” can be far from what they receive.

Vulnerable seniors are being sexually assaulted by the very people who are paid to aid and assist them. The victims of abuse are endless and unfortunately can go unknown. With this knowledge, CNN investigated state and federal data as well as interviewed regulators and families of victims. What they found in their research is that this issue is unimaginably widespread, alarming, and in most cases, nursing homes and government officials are doing nothing to prevent abuse from continuously reoccurring in nursing homes.

These findings are disheartening as Americas elders are continued to be placed in nursing home facilities that maintain a repeated history of sexual abuse and employ caregivers that lack necessary knowledge and training to care for their elderly patients along with lack specific training needed to spot sexual abuse.

With Americans over the age of 65 projected to double between 2017 and 2050, nursing homes need to adhere to their roles in caring and protecting our nations elderly, or the issue among abuse in nursing homes will only progress.

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