Semi-trailer bursts into flames

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Recently a UPS 18-wheeler, driven by 39-year old man, crashed and burst into flames early in the morning on Interstate 4 in Fairview Shores near Orlando – leaving two people injured.  The truck was hauling a full load of mail and packages when the driver lost control of the vehicle.  The driver believes it was due to mechanical failure.

As the UPS driver lost control, the tandem trailer jackknifed and crashed into the highway median, causing the trailer to hit a Ford SUV – dragging it along the wall for a distance before it stopped.  Once it stopped, the semi’s cab burst into flames, destroying the SUV.  The impact caused over 75 gallons of diesel fuel to spill onto the interstate.  In addition, all the mail packages blew onto the road.

The drivers and passenger were able to crawl out of their vehicles to safety – sustaining only minor injuries.  The driver of the Ford SUV and his passenger were transported to a local hospital; the truck driver did not need any medical treatment.  Several teams, including a Hazmat team, took about five hours to clean up the road.

The Florida State Commercial Trucking Investigation Unit is completing a full inspection and investigation to determine if mechanical problems caused this accident.  No charges have been brought.  It is important to consult with an experienced Truck Accident attorney, who is familiar with Florida trucking laws.