Semi tanker truck interrupts Tri-Rail commuter service

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It’s been six months since a semi-tanker truck overturned on Interstate 95 near Miami Gardens and closed several Florida highways and interrupted service on the Tri-Rail commuter rail line.  What a mess for Sunday afternoon drivers.  The trucker was approaching the Golden Glades Interchange and was about to merge onto the Palmetto Expressway when he lost control, flipping the 18-wheeler onto its side.

The impact punctured the gas tank and caused thousands of gallons of fuel to spill all over the road and the Tri-Rail railroad tracks below the interstate ramp bridge.  Service was immediately halted while Hazmat teams cleaned up the spill.

Even though it was such a nice afternoon and many people were out for a Sunday drive, no other vehicles were involved.  However, the roads and ramps in the area were closed for hours.  The driver got out okay and emergency personnel treated him for minor injuries. No charges were brought at the time.