Recent Trucking Accidents in Kentucky

Did you know that a loaded commercial truck can weigh more than 80,000 lbs.? A typical car is 3,500 lbs. — meaning it takes 23 cars to add up to the weight of one truck. The volume of commercial trucking vehicles leads to catastrophic damage during a crash.

As accomplished truck accident lawyers, Garcia & Artigliere are passionate about attaining justice and compensation for accident victims. Below, we will review some recent truck accidents in Kentucky which highlight severity, areas of investigation and the difficulty in determining fault after an accident.

Greenbelt Highway Accident Seriously Injures Two

A recent semi truck accident occurred on June 24th in Louisville when a semi truck, making a left turn, hit a Chevy Lumina travelling in the opposing lane. The Chevy became pinned underneath the semi, leaving the car’s female driver and infant passenger in serious condition.

This type of accident is known as an override truck accident, as the truck crashed over the car, immobilizing it. A Kentucky truck accident lawyer would carefully investigate this case to determine if the truck driver shared any responsibility for the accident, perhaps due to elements like exhaustion or improper training. In trucking accidents, fault can be attributed to a variety of parties; for example, if the truck driver was trained improperly, the trucking company could be held accountable.

Two Tractor-Trailers Collide on I-65

On June 2nd in Hardin County, a trucking accident occurred when two tractor-trailers collided. Kentucky State Police Trooper Norman Chaffins stated, “One of (the tractor-trailers) was traveling slower than the posted speed. Another tractor-trailer approached from behind. The driver tried to react before he struck the rear of the tractor-trailer, but was unable to do so.” Tragically, one of the drivers was killed after the crash caused his ejection from the truck cab.

The causes of a truck accident are complex. In terms of the driver travelling too slowly, a truck accident lawyer would investigate the driver’s training, possible fatigue or substance usage, highway conditions — all factors that could have contributed to their speed on the road. It’s vital for an attorney to collect this evidence as soon as possible after the accident.


Semi Truck Overturned in Lebanon Junction

On June 6th, a semi truck accident occurred in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. Two other unnamed vehicles were involved in the crash, and the semi truck was found on its side. Police stated that at least two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and the highway was shut down for several hours that morning.

When a semi is found on its side, it’s typically labeled a rollover truck accident. Sometimes these are caused if a truck driver misjudges the sharp curve of a ramp or road — the truck’s load may topple over if traveling too quickly.  Other causes can include improper cargo distribution (potential fault of truck owner) or road signage (potential fault of government entity).


As you can see, these recent truck accidents in Kentucky highlight the need for a detailed investigation to correctly determine fault. Garcia & Artigliere know the devastating consequences of these collisions — that’s why the truck accident attorneys at our Kentucky location will fight to ensure victims receive maximum compensation. Contact our office today for a free case review.