Preventing Nursing Home Abuse in California

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California nursing home abuse has become a prevalent and troubling issue. Seniors are one of the most vulnerable age groups in the state, so it’s vital that their caregivers are well-trained and qualified. Unfortunately, some nursing homes over-work and inadequately train their staff, or provide unsuitable living conditions for residents.

So how can you ensure you’re choosing a good, qualified home? The nursing home abuse attorneys at Garcia & Artigliere have compiled some helpful tips from CANHR’s Nursing Home Guide ().

  • Ask for references and information from others – friends, ombudsman programs, doctors, other residents.
  • Select a nursing home close to the resident’s friends and family, so regular check-ins are available.
  • View several facilities. Ask to tour the entire facility and meet staff members.
  • Ensure the faculty conducts staff background checks.
  • Note the staff-to-resident ratio and if residents are promptly responded to by caretakers.

The Guide can also be used to search and compare nursing homes , and find details on staff and violation histories. If you’re curious about California nursing home laws, this nursing home abuse guide  highlights the requirements that each home must legally uphold. Garcia & Artigliere’s nursing home abuse lawyers are also available for consultation regarding suspected types of elder abuse.

Stephen M. Garcia has championed the fight against elderly abuse in California for years. In 2008, the Garcia Law Firm took on a major nursing home abuse case against Sun Mar Health and its 18 nursing homes. The facilities were alleged to have kept budgets so tight that appropriate staff and training were not provided — meaning residents weren’t receiving proper care. See Stephen speak about his experience as a nursing home abuse lawyer .

If you’re seeking help with a potential elder abuse case, contact Garcia & Artigliere to receive compassionate, proficient legal advice. We offer free reviews on any new case. Contact our California office today if you’re in need of a nursing home abuse attorney.