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How to Pay for Nursing Home Costs

Nursing home costs are notoriously expensive. A recent study found that the average cost for a semi-private nursing home room was $7,148 per month. Most people are not able to pay for this out of their own funds. In California, for example, two-thirds of the state’s nursing home residents use Medi-Cal to pay for part or all of the costs.

Nursing Homes Discriminate Against Medi-Cal Patients

It can be very difficult, however, for someone relying on Medi-Cal to get into a nursing home as a new resident. The Los Angeles Times investigated the problem. They talked to advocates who said that nursing homes systematically and illegally discriminate against Medi-Cal patients. The nursing homes prefer patients who pay with their own money or with Medicare.

What Can You Do?

If you have a loved one who needs to get into a nursing home, what can you do? The experts consulted in the article offer some advice:

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