The Garcia Law Firm Files Suit Against Chevron On Behalf Of Survivors Of Incident In Nigeria

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (Feb. 7, 2006) — Survivors of the Feb. 4, 2005 Niger Delta incident filed a civil action Monday, Feb. 6, 2006, against the Chevron oil conglomerate (headquartered in San Ramon, Calif.), in the United States District Court in San Francisco.

In Olu Oyibo; Prince Tseti Oyibo Kperegbeyi; Ugbameta Jeremiah; Bright Aguma; Tony Okose; Sunny Osagho; Roy Apepe; Alex Amatsero; Richard Erejwei; Moses Lori (all Nigerian citizens), vs. Chevron Corporation; Chevron Investments, Inc.; Chevron U.S.A., plaintiffs alleged that the defendants violated the federal Alien Tort Claims Act, Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991, and California state law.

On Feb. 4, 2005, at Chevron Nigeria’s Escravos oil terminal on the western coast of the Niger Delta, more than 200 villagers of Ugborodo were protesting the multinational’s failure to provide jobs and development projects as agreed upon in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Ugborodo community representatives and Chevron Nigeria in 2002 after demonstrations by hundreds of women at the terminal and in Warri, the commercial capital of the Delta State.

At dawn, using Chevron helicopters and boats with pilots, soldiers and police of the Nigerian Task Force, paid, housed and supported by Chevron, attacked the crowd with rifle butts, tear gas, and live ammunition, killing four people and injuring at least 30 other demonstrators. Neither Chevron Nigeria nor the security forces provided medical care to those who were hurt, and it was several hours before those who were injured reached a hospital, a lengthy boat journey away.