The Garcia Law Firm Files National Class Action Against Imphonic for Rebate Fraud

The Garcia Law Firm files National Class Action against British Airways Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines for violations of the Sherman Act Antitrust provisions.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants participated in cartel behavior to fix the prices of fuel surcharges on international passenger air transportation, as well as other charges for said services. That San Francisco International Airport is a major hub of international passenger air transportation price fixing conspiracy alleged herein. Each of the Defendants operates multiple direct international flights to and from San Francisco International Airport. In addition to being one of the largest international airports in the United States, it is a major hub for Defendant United Air Lines, Inc. and Defendant Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited’s United States subsidiary.

The lawsuit further alleges that the defendants, together with their co-conspirators, participated in a conspiracy, substantially in the State of California, to fix or maintain certain charges built into the price for international passenger air transportation. Because of Defendants’ unlawful conduct and conspiracy, Plaintiff and other members of the Class paid artificially inflated prices for international passenger air transportation. Plaintiff and other members of the Class purchased those services and have been damaged thereby.