The Downey Patriot Reports on Class Action Against Downey Nursing Facility; Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Recruited Residents Despite Being Understaffed

As published in The Downey Patriot, we filed a class action lawsuit against Morris Weiss & Stanley Diller Partnership, a skilled nursing management company, and its nursing facilities for violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and violations of residents’ rights. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the estate of Ira Lee Kimble, who resided at Downey Community Health Center, as well as members of the class who resided at any of Morris Weiss & Stanley Diller Partnership’s facilities in the last three years.

The lawsuit states that Downey Community Health Center and Morris Weiss and Stanley Diller Partnership “actively and intentionally” concealed the fact that they did not devote sufficient financial resources to the proper operation of the facilities; instead, money was diverted from the care of residents to create ill-begotten profits for the defendants.

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