Sun Mar Health Care, Inc., Sun Mar Management, and its 18 California skilled nursing homes settled a class action lawsuit

18 California Nursing Homes
Settle Class Action Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (July 15, 2008) — Sun Mar Health Care, Inc., Sun Mar Management, and its 18 California skilled nursing homes [see list by city at end of release] settled a class action lawsuit (Case #30-200800037875), for $2 million on behalf of Warren Richardson, by and through his Attorney in Fact Marlene Miller, on Richardson’s behalf and on behalf of all California citizens who resided in, or are residing in, one of the company’s California facilities from Jan. 9, 2005 through Jan. 9, 2008.

“The purpose of a class action suit is to make positive change,” says Long Beach, Calif., plaintiff attorney Stephen M. Garcia of The Garcia Law Firm. “We believe this settlement is a beginning in ensuring the compliance of Sun Mar facilities with important regulations, including minimum staffing, which will result in an estimated 5,000 California residents receiving the care and services they deserve and for which they pay. If we find out that the situation is not improved, we will go back to court.”

The $2 million settlement will be distributed to class members at a per diem rate for the amount of time that they did reside or still reside in a Sun Mar owned or managed skilled nursing and/or long-term facility from Jan. 9, 2005 to Jan. 9, 2008. The settlement also mandates that all unclaimed monies that revert back to Sun Mar must be utilized for staffing the facilities.

The original complaint was filed in Orange County Superior Court Jan. 8, 2008. The suit challenged the training and the number of staff available at Sun Mar facilities. It alleged that Sun Mar Health Care, Inc. promotes itself to people who are elderly or vulnerable and to their families by falsely claiming to provide superior and attentive skilled nursing care. The suit challenged the facilities staffing levels, claiming that residents were entered the facility believing misleading advertisements and promotional materials.

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California Sun Mar Facilities


Anaheim Healthcare Center

Sun-Mar Health Care, Inc. dba Sun Mar Nursing Center


Courtyard Health Care Center


Gibraltar Convalescent Hospital, Inc. dba Sunset Manor Convalescent Hospital


Citrus Nursing Center

Sun-Mar Nursing Centers dba Laurel Convalescent Center


Gordon Lane Care Center


Garden Park Care Center


Park Regency Care, LLC dba Park Regency Care Center


Inland Medical Enterprises, Inc. dba Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital


Heritage Manor Healthcare dba Heritage Manor

Monterey Park Convalescent Hospital


Paramount Convalescent Group, Inc. dba Paramount Convalescent Hospital


F & B Health Care dba Extended Care Hospital of Riverside


Gibraltar Convalescent Hospital, Inc. dba Del Mar Convalescent Hospital


Bartlett Care Center LLC dba French Park Care Center


Villa Rancho Bernardo Health Care, LLC dba Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center


P.C. Care, LLC dba Pacific Convalescent Center


Wyngate Nursing Center dba North Valley Nursing Center