Stephen M. Garcia of The Garcia Law Firm is named as Settlement Class Counsel in Acquiring Preliminary Certification of Settlement Relating to Unlawful Schemes of AOL and Best Buy

On October 3, 2007 the Honorable George Sciavelli of the United States District Court granted conditional and preliminary class certification and approval of a settlement acquired by The Garcia Law Firm, and others, on behalf of consumers who were victims to an alleged scheme to unlawfully enroll unknowing purchasers of goods from Best Buy with AOL accounts.

The complaint alleges that the complaint was brought to challenge the defendants’ unlawful, unfair and deceptive business practices in the solicitation and sale of AOL internet service subscriptions. It was alleged that the defendants’ wrongful business practices began at least as early as 2003 when Best Buy and AOL Time Warner entered into a joint marketing agreement whereby Best Buy promotes and sells AOL products and services in exchange for AOL Time Warner featuring Best Buy products in AOL’s internet sites. Pursuant to this agreement, Best Buy has been using its customers’ credit card information to establish AOL internet service subscriptions in the customers’ names, but without their knowledge or consent.