Stephen Garcia Comments on Growing Issue of Elder Family Fraud

Partner Stephen Garcia was quoted in the article “Fraud in the Family: How to Detect and Avoid Elder Family Fraud” published by Dr. Stacey Wood, one of the nation’s leading experts on forensic neuropsychology and geropsychology.

Based on his experience serving as lead counsel in more than 2,500 elder abuse cases, Garcia sees elder fraud by family members as a growing problem.

Garcia commented: “Elder fraud by family members is disturbingly on the rise. As we face a time where it is more difficult than ever for people in a lower socioeconomic space to get on a path to financial stability, unfortunately, more family members look to take advantage of their elders. The opportunity for rationalization of conduct is ripe in the family setting, ‘I took care of you all these years so you owe me’ which surely fueled the issue. The old phrase ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ is alive and rampant in the familial financial abuse discussion.”

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