Reactions to Nursing Home Investigative Report

The Miami Herald’s recent expose “Neglected to Death” has prompted many take notice of the nursing home conditions in Florida. The report listed a number of disturbing and unthinkable atrocities in the state’s nursing homes and found that “safeguards once hailed as the nation’s best have been ignored in a spate of tragedies never before revealed to the public.”

In Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel, columnist Scott Maxwell takes a look a politicians and their role in this decline of Florida’s nursing homes.  He suggests that “the politicians are actually the enablers.” One bill that thankfully didn’t pass actually would have made it harder for volunteer watchdog groups to visit facilities.

He writes:  “Obviously bad homes are not the standard. But the problems are more tragically common than they should be in a state with a big — and growing — elderly population. We have a wicked combination: more facilities — and yet fewer inspections, lower standards, less staffing and increasingly lax regulations.

It is a recipe for disaster. And death.”