Patient Suffers Avoidable Pressure Ulcers Due to Negligence at Mission Viejo Residential Care Facility

Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against Aana Marie’s Residential Care located in Mission Viejo, and its owner Ana Marie Shuman for elder abuse and negligence. The lawsuit alleges that Olga Carneghi suffered several avoidable pressure ulcers on her heels, tailbone and buttocks due to the negligent care she received and understaffing of the facility.

“Facilities cannot continue to ignore patient needs and leave them suffering from avoidable injuries,” says attorney Stephen Garcia. “The defendants failed to ensure that adequate staff was available to properly supervise Ms. Carneghi, which resulted in her corresponding injuries.”

In February 2015, Ms. Carneghi was admitted to the facility because her husband was unable to take care of her at home. It was known to the facility that she was unable to walk, feed herself and required assistance with daily activities, which made her prone to developing pressure sores. The facility neglected to implement skin interventions, such as turning and repositioning her body, providing nutritional meals, and ensuring she was free of urine and feces at all times. All of which would have prevented Ms. Carneghi’s injuries.

Additionally, the facility’s rampant understaffing, lack of training and failure to allot sufficient resources added to the cause of her development of pressure ulcers.