Nursing Home Resident Attacked By Alligator

The Miami Herald’s investigation on the state’s nursing homes has unearthed some troubling stories, like what happened in 2004 at The Beckett Lake Lodge assisted living facility. They had a 75 year old patient who suffered dementia and more than once wandered off the premises. He had been found at a bank, and then condo complex. The facility failed to keep track of where he wandered which led to his gruesome death. He was missing for one week before they found him floating face down in the nearby lake, his body eaten on by alligators. The Agency for Health Care Administration investigated the incident and the nursing home, finding several violations.  The nursing home received a citation but “in the end, no fines were imposed and no penalties issued.”  The man’s daughter had never been informed of his previous escapes. She recently settled a lawsuit with the home for an undisclosed amount, but says she is still “haunted by whether her father was still alive when his body was attacked by the alligator.”  (