Nursing Home Operator Ran a “Prison Camp”

Sunshine Acres Loving Care and assisted living facility in Florida’s Panhandle was run like a “prison camp” with condition “not even fit for a dog.” The owner-operator, Bruce Hall would deny resident food and medicine, threaten with beatings, and force tranquilizers. Florida regulators tried to step in in 2004 only to be chased off the premises.

Regulators had the power to shut it down or suspend the facility’s license, but that didn’t happen.  The opted instead to year-old to “send Hall to see a therapist for his anger and to promise not to use “any weapon or object” on his residents — allowing him to keep his doors open for five more years.”  (

The years following his anger therapy, residents suffered atrocious conditions–no air conditioning in 100+ degree weather, sleeping in urine soaked beds, and one woman drown in a nearby pond.

In a state where tens of thousands reside in assisted-living facilities, nursing homes used to be a source of pride –but things have changed for the worse.