Napa Valley Register Reports on Garcia & Artigliere & Faulkner’s Lawsuit Against Napa Valley Care Center

As published in Napa Valley Register, Garcia & Artigliere & Faulkner filed a lawsuit against Napa Valley Care Center on behalf of Marilyn Burger Gomes for elder abuse, and negligent hiring and supervision.

Gomes’ mother, Caroline Johnson, was transferred to the facility following hospitalization for severe breathing problems. In the few days Johnson spent at the Napa Valley Care Center, it’s alleged that the facility’s staff withheld Johnson’s nebulizer that had been prescribed by her doctor, leaving Johnson gasping for air for four to five nights.

The lawsuit states that while at the facility, Johnson also developed a large bruise on the top of her foot, which only worsened. Johnson ultimately suffered a severe stroke and never regained consciousness.

“It is our opinion that these horrific injuries to Caroline would not have occurred had Napa Valley Care Center adhered to applicable rules, laws and regulations, as well as the acceptable standard of practice governing the operation of a skilled nursing facility,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “Instead, as is so often the case where a business puts profits over people, further injury and even tragedy occurs. Caroline was left to deteriorate and she ultimately paid with her life.”

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