Lawsuit Filed: Elderly Man Chokes and Dies at Los Angeles Nursing Facility

Los Angeles, Calif. – Ronald Cook was admitted to Windsor Twin Palms Healthcare Center in 2010 after a sudden decline in his medical conditions left him incapable to care for himself. Unfortunately, it’s alleged that the facility accepted responsibility for Cook even though they were understaffed and insufficiently trained to provide proper care. As a result of the facility’s alleged negligence, Cook suffered a preventable and fatal choking incident, causing his untimely death. Garcia & Artigliere  filed a lawsuit against Windsor Twin Palms Healthcare Center for elder abuse and negligent hiring and supervision.

“Windsor Twin Palms Healthcare Center was entrusted with the care of Ronald, specifically to receive skilled care in order to prevent him from choking,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “It appears that instead of providing him with the daily assistance he desperately needed, the hospital flat-out ignored him and his medical needs, and unlawfully retained James to maximize their own financial bottom line. This type of behavior serves to reflect a horrible wrong to our elder infirm family members whose care is entrusted to facilities such as Windsor Twin Palms Healthcare Center. Ronald’s choking incident could have, and should have, been totally avoided had the facility just done what they promised to do, which was simply to provide proper care to Ronald.”

Allegations and Background

The lawsuit alleges Cook was admitted to Windsor Twin Palms Healthcare Center after he could no longer care for himself. In May 2017, Cook, who was frail and elderly and requiring the assistance of Town Palms to conduct his activities of daily living, including eating so as to protect from choking. That Windsor Twin Palms so incompetently cared for Cook that he suffered a preventable choking incident on June 18, 2017. The lawsuit states that as result of Windsor’s chronic understaffing, there were not enough staff to address the choking incident and that Ronald did not receive required attention from facility staff for more than 30 minutes at which time it was just too late. Cook was transported to a nearby unconscious and unresponsive and died the next day from the choking incident.