KRCR Reports on Garcia & Artigliere & Faulkner’s Lawsuit Against Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

As published in KRCR, Garcia & Artigliere & Faulkner filed a lawsuit against Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center on behalf of resident Marie White for elder abuse.

The lawsuit alleges that White suffered multiple preventable falls at Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, including when an employee allegedly left White in a bathroom unattended, resulting in White striking her head on the toilet and fracturing her neck and wrist.

Since she could not withstand the anesthesia needed for surgery as a result of her medical conditions, White was allegedly placed in a neck brace and transferred to another skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation.

White was also malnourished and apparently lost 24 pounds in less than four months, which the facility fraudulently concealed from White’s family.

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