Judge Cristina Perez Speaks with Stephen Garcia on Casey Kasem Elder Abuse Case

Judge Cristina Perez spoke with founding partner Stephen Garcia on her KABC radio show, “Judge Cristina Perez Live,” discussing the developments of the Casey Kasem elder abuse case, how to identify elder abuse and actions to take if you suspect it. There are two types of elder abuse – financial and physical, and the Kasem case is an example of financial abuse. Mr. Garcia comments, “Due to the conflicting allegations from the wife and children, the insurers are getting involved under the elder abuse statutes.”

If you suspect elder abuse at a skilled nursing facility, Mr. Garcia advises to file a complaint with the State Department of Public Health. If it’s a board and care type of facility, file a complaint with the Department of Social Services. And if all else fails, file a lawsuit, although they are not the timeliest.