Garcia & Artigliere Files Lawsuit Against Lake Forest Nursing Center for Dependent Adult Abuse

Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against El Toro Medical Investors Limited Partnership, Life Care Centers of America and Administrator Kim Kincaid for creating dangerous conditions in their Lake Forest Nursing Center which caused a patient to fall and sustain a severe injury.

Upon admission, Stephen Gale had limited mobility and used a wheelchair for daily activities. Lake Forest Nursing Center was fully aware that Mr. Gale was considered a high fall risk, yet they constantly left him unsupervised and failed to implement specific interventions that would protect him from falls. As a result, Mr. Gale fell and suffered a broken pelvis that cannot be repaired through surgery.

“This fall was the culmination of a long series of neglect that Mr. Gale experienced at the hands of the facility, which was understaffed and employed unqualified personnel,” said Attorney Stephen M. Garcia. “It’s a three-ring circus of appalling care, which resulted in a big set-back in Mr. Gale’s recovery.’

The suit states the facility wrongfully withheld the care Mr. Gale required, such as developing a plan of care or assessing him properly, outfitting his wheelchair with the type of equipment that would prevent him from falling out, placing mats in his room that would improve his traction when he attempted to walk, changing and keeping his skin tear dressing dry and many more violations.