Famous Actor Victimized by Stepchildren

Mickey Rooney, the well known actor, filed for restraining orders against his step children, claiming he and his wife have been victims of elder abuse.   He is now 90 years old, but once was an active performer from vaudeville to films opposite Judy Garland. He is a well-loved film icon. Now, he and his wife have experienced verbal, emotional and financial abuse, and court documents say he was “effectively a prisoner in his own home.”  The step children took over Rooney’s finances, prevented him access to his mail, and forced him into performances.

Rooney testified before a Senate Committee on Aging to let people know, if it could happen to him, elder abuse could happen to anyone.  In fact, experts say elder abuse and neglect is a growing a concern, and could come in various forms: psychological, physical, sexual or financial.  The American Psychological Association estimates 2.1 million older Americans experience some type of elder abuse.