Eureka Times-Standard Reports on Class Actions Against Two Eureka, CA Nursing Homes; Lawsuits Allege Facilities Knowingly Understaffed & Underfunded Facilities

As published in Eureka Time-Standard, we filed class action lawsuits against 15 nursing homes, including Fortuna Rehabilitation and Wellness Center and Granada Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, their management companies and principal owner Shlomo Rechnitz for Violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Violations of Resident Rights. The lawsuits allege that the defendants conceived and implemented plans to understaff the facilities in violation of applicable regulations and the express promise of the admission agreements signed on behalf of each facility resident promising that the facilities would adhere to the State of California’s Residents’ Bill of Rights. Further, the lawsuits allege that this violation of each resident’s rights was directed and implemented at the mandate of the managers and owners of the facilities, Rockport Administrative Services and Shlomo Rechnitz, and his multiple layers of affiliated companies.

The Complaints seek to force the defendants to ensure the sufficiency of staff in their facilities by way of injunctions so as to put an end to chronic and intentional understaffing of California skilled nursing facilities of a committed effort to pocket unearned profit at the expense of the provision of the legally mandated care to be provided to elders of the state.

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