East Bay Times Reports on Lawsuit Against Alameda Nursing Facility; Lawsuit Alleges Neglect at Facility Caused Woman’s Death

As published in East Bay Times, we filed a lawsuit against Alameda Healthcare & Wellness Center on behalf of Cathy Campbell for dependent adult abuse, and negligent hiring and supervision.

Campbell was admitted to Alameda Healthcare & Wellness Center for post-operative care and rehabilitation following heart surgery. It’s alleged that while she was a resident, Campbell developed a severe bedsore and urinary tract infections, and the facility wrongfully withheld care that would have prevented the injuries and did not treat the worsening injuries.

“Facility staff knew Cathy’s injuries were increasing day after day because they observed and documented the worsening infections,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “Moreover, the facility knew that by not elevating her to a higher level of care when the sore reached a Stage III, they were violating the law, but in the interest of profits over patients, they made a conscious choice to wrongfully deny needed medical care.”

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