Deadline Hollywood, Jezebel and TV Week Report on New Allegations in Sexual Assault & Elder Abuse Lawsuits Against Famous Motion Picture & Television Fund

As published in Deadline Hollywood, Jezebel and TV Week, new allegations have surfaced in the Sylvia Mathes v. Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) case involving an elderly woman, Sylvia Mathes, who was allegedly physically assaulted by a fellow male resident.

Through rigorous research and depositions by Garcia & Artigliere, the law firm filed an amended complaint alleging that MPTF was aware that the male resident was a sexual predator, including sexually assaulting 13 female residents, exposing himself in an aggressive manner to at least two staff and entering uninvited into the rooms of an additional nine female residents within a four-month period.​

The lawsuit states that the facility’s response to address these known issues was to begin a campaign of chemically sedating and restraining the male resident rather than putting proper interventions into place, such as additional staff, which would have cut into MPTF’s financial bottom line.

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