Daily Journal Interviews Stephen Garcia on Class Action Lawsuit Against Nursing Home for Understaffing

In the Daily Journal article “San Luis Obispo residential facility for elders sued for poor care,” Partner Stephen Garcia discusses the class action suit his firm filed against Westpac Investments, Inc. and its subsidiaries for violation of state Business and Professions Code 17200.

The complaint alleges the facilities maintained an illegally low number of staff and did not provide the required care to its high-need residents in order to increase profit. “This place markets itself to the neediest residents it can find and charges the most money it can,” says Mr. Garcia.

According to a deposition of the facility’s director of wellness, she maintains that the staff levels remained static regardless of resident needs, and when the facility couldn’t provide the care required, residents were asked to leave.

Mr. Garcia states, “These places are staffed to an artificial number imposed by corporate governance, and as a result people get hurt.”