Daily Journal Interviews Stephen Garcia on Nursing Home Quality of Care Investigations

In the article, “Nonprofits take fight over nursing home quality of care to courts” published by Daily Journal, Partner Stephen Garcia comments on the state’s slow response to resolve complaints regarding the quality of care nursing home facilities provide. In a recent lawsuit filed by Mr. Garcia against Centinela Skilled Nursing & Wellness Centre and its owner Brius Management Co., Inc., – one of the largest nursing home chains in California – the state issued several citations for substandard care deficiencies and even froze Medi-Cal payments, yet the facility remains open.

“The pure size of this one had led to a number of significant investigations, but they’re slow-moving,” Mr. Garcia says. “I have never encountered anything like this.”

According to the law, the state is required to conduct an investigation within 10 business days of receiving a complaint, as well as obtain names and addresses of individuals or entities who wish to acquire at least five percent of a nursing home facility.

With no help from the state, advocate groups have turned to the court system to speed up investigations and enforce facility transparency of ownership. The longer these complaints go unresolved, the more difficult it is to substantiate evidence of neglect.