Reports on Lawsuit Against Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre

As published on, Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre on behalf of Guillermo Espinosa for elder abuse, and negligent hiring and supervision, which eventually led to Espinosa’s death.

Following a fall which left him nearly brain dead, 83-year-old Guillermo Espinosa was admitted to Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre for rehabilitation after spending nearly a month in a coma and for the express purpose of putting in place interventions to prevent further deadly falls.

Rather than provide Espinosa with the care he required, Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre allegedly acted in violation of applicable rules, laws and regulations, and withheld the very care for which they were significantly paid. As the predictable result of this failure of care, Espinosa suffered additional and preventable falls that caused severe cognitive decline and impairment, which led to preventable pressure ulcers and a blood infection that required amputation of both legs. Espinosa passed away in October 2017 as a result of the facility’s alleged chronic understaffing and wrongful withholding of care.

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